30. September 2021 - Prague Congress Centre, Czech Republic

Does the human brain stand a chance?

Risks associated with the use of artificial intelligence and how to prevent them.

We took the opportunity of the European Cyber Security Challenge 2021 in Prague and combined the topic of artificial intelligence (AI) with the topic of cybersecurity. How can AI algorithms get confused and how to prevent that? Can AI be misused to influence people's decisions? What competencies do we need to keep AI under control? What young hackers think?

About the topic of the conference

Artificial intelligence (AI) has found application in quality control, driving vehicles, and fire-control systems. Smart sensors allow us to get data from places where a human would not get to. Machine learning and other algorithms help us evaluate information in real-time. Artificial intelligence is used in the arts in order to compose music but also in voice synthesis and video animation. However, involving AI in the decision-making process brings not only benefits but also new security threats. The Conference Does the brain stand a chance in 2021 will address the following topics:


The organizer

The Czech branch of AFCEA

The Czech branch of AFCEA has long focused its attention on the field of support of development information and communication technologies of armed and security forces. The Czech branch of AFCEA was founded on 5. May 1993 and organize professional conferences and seminars in the field of information and communication technologies and security aspects on regular basis. Since 1993 we have organized more than 50 international conferences and more than 100 professional seminars and club events.

Expert partner


We are Czech technological company. We have been developing solutions to find, understand, and use information for "intelligent" decision making for the last 25 years. Artificial intelligence has the potential to become one of the tools to give support managers in decision making. We view this conference as an opportunity to talk about Ai contributions and also related risks. Our goal is to evaluate the possibilities of AI not only from the view of the competitiveness of their business but also discuss the impact of AI on the competitiveness of the economy and the safety of the state.


Prague Congress Centre
5. května 1640/65, Nusle 140 00 Prague

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