14 May 2019 - Hotel Don Giovanni, Prague, Czech Republic

Does the human brain stand a chance?

All you want to know about AI, but dare not ask.

Want to know what artificial intelligence is and how it will affect your business? Want to be inspired by the possibilities of using ever-increasing data volumes to support decision-making? If so, this is the conference for you!

About the topic of the conference

Application of technology

Knowledge synthesis

Visualizing knowledge

Usage of artificial intelligence in decision-making raise questions. How will AI affect the management of companies? How will it impact humans in the labor market? What are predispositions for implementation of AI? Who will be responsible for AI mistakes? The goal of the conference is to introduce different views on realistic usage of AI in companies.


Morning session

1.What is artificial intelligence and how far is its development – does the human brain stand a chance?

2. The power of machine learning – successful and questionable use cases.

3. What is necessary to implement machine learning?

4. Social, economic, and security aspects of the AI development

Afternoon session

1.Using data to support decision-making – the artificial intelligence vs. human brain

2.Use case – creating and using applications based on machine learning

3.Use case – a system for the role of “company synthesist”

4.Presenting remarkable start-ups

The afternoon panel discussion and networking

1.Men and women with fresh lateral thinking who introduce new insights

2.Men and women forming the strategies of using artificial intelligence in organizations

3.Providers of applications which use elements of artificial intelligence

4.Those interested in applying for the role of "a corporate synthesist"

The organizer


We are Czech technological company. We have been developing solutions to find, understand, and use information for "intelligent" decision making for the last 25 years. Artificial intelligence have potential to become one of the tools to give support managers in the decision making. We view this conference as a platform to confront opinions of objectors and supporters of artificial intelligence. Our goal is to evaluate possibilities of AI from manager view, who is responsible for economic results and the competitiveness of their business, in short, and long run.

Interest in attending the conference

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The artificial intelligence research and development company GoodAI was founded by CEO/CTO Marek Rosa in January 2014. The international team of 20 research scientists and engineers is based in Prague, Czech Republic. The company's mission is to develop general artificial intelligence - as fast as possible - to help humanity and understand the universe.

While GoodAI focuses on fundamental research of human-level AI, its sister company GoodAI Applied is using artificial intelligence solutions to maximize business success for companies and organizations across a range of industries.